A Balanced Perspective

Horizon Technology Finance Venture Capital

Horizon’s financing solutions are tailored to each company’s unique funding needs and business and development plans. Horizon’s venture debt products have become a valuable tool in the equity investors’ toolbox to fund the growth of its portfolio companies, while maximizing returns on equity. Horizon provides portfolio companies with meaningful debt capital that can be used like equity capital, but that has a much lower cost and dilution to investors and employees. This balance of debt and equity capital makes Horizon a perfect partner for its portfolio companies, their employees and their investors.

Like its portfolio companies, Horizon is optimistic and forward-looking. Horizon balances its inherent optimism with a selective origination and a rigorous underwriting process. Horizon’s selective origination ensures that Horizon and its prospects are not spending valuable time and energy when venture debt is not the right solution. This upfront communication serves as a gateway to a smooth underwriting and approval process. For each investment opportunity, Horizon carefully evaluates the company’s management team, investors, equity history, technology value, intellectual property and other critical factors. Horizon’s goal is not to simply get a deal done, but to provide a successful financing solution that will propel a portfolio company forward.