“With their significant experience in lending to technology companies, Horizon quickly structured and closed a financing solution tailored to our specific needs and stage of development. Horizon’s venture loan facility strengthens our ability to capitalize on exciting domestic and international growth opportunities, as we continue to help global brands tell their stories.”

CEO and Founder of Skyword

“Our long-standing relationship with Horizon made the choice of a venture lender easy as we ready the launch of DURLAZA™.”


“Horizon’s financial strength and team of venture lending experts were key differentiators in evaluating possible sources of funding.Horizon quickly closed on a flexible venture loan facility, which provides us with meaningful liquidity that enhances our financial position and future growth prospects.”

President and CEO of Bridge2 Solutions

“By providing our company with a customized financing solution that meets our immediate capital needs … Horizon demonstrated its knowledge and experience as a leading venture lender to the healthcare and technology industries.”

President and CEO of Medsphere

“We welcome the financial partnership of Horizon, an experienced venture lender with a strong balance sheet and long track record of supporting dynamic growth-oriented companies, such as ours.”

President and CEO of NanoSteel

“With Horizon’s attractive growth capital we are well positioned to add value for our current customers while marketing our best in class products to prospective organizations.”

President and CEO of SilkRoad

“Horizon’s venture loan facility provides us with the financial flexibility to achieve our growth objectives.”

CEO of SavingStar

“The venture lending experts at Horizon created a flexible financing solution that greatly strengthens our future growth prospects.”

President and CEO of eBureau

“We welcome the growth capital from Horizon and greatly appreciate the timely and efficient manner in which this transaction closed.”

Chief Executive Officer of ScoreBig

“This attractive loan facility, led by Horizon’s experienced team of venture lending professionals, provides us with a critical source of capital necessary for NinePoint’s future growth.”

President and CEO of NinePoint Medical

“Having the right capital at the right time is critical for a growth stage company. Horizon’s flexible financing solution, team of venture lending experts, and smooth and efficient loan closing have provided Interleukin with the strategic capital necessary for its continued growth.”

CEO of Interleukin Genetics

“In analyzing various sources of funding, Horizon’s experienced venture lending team provided the most attractive value-added loan.”

CFO and Chief Operating Officer of Palatin

“We appreciate the support we have received from Horizon and their experienced team of professionals, who worked diligently to close this strategic transaction.”

CEO of mBlox